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"A Companion to Beowulf"

Not Grendel, I'm guessing.

(I said this to the patron who was checking out the book and it didn't even get a chuckle. That should have been indication enough that I shouldn't post it but I'm going to wait until someone actively protests this entry before I consider removing it.)
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Let them weep.

"Bullroarers became the playthings of the boys, and old men sat and wept over the profanation and their loss of power and privilege."*

You may have seen (or more likely heard) a bullroarer. It's a slip of wood or similar on a string and when you swing it around very quickly, it makes a thrumming noise. Various cultures used them for healing and it was usual that women were forbidden to see bullroarers, and never allowed to use one. In some instances, she could be killed for seeing a bullroarer. From McClary: "Australian aborigines thought that a sighting by women would cause the earth to open up so that water would gush forth and drown everyone." I'd've been willing to test that hypothesis had I been there.

I loathe superstition and long for the day mankind is free of it.

*[(301) The Study of Man, Alfred C. Haddon via Toys With Nine Lives: A Social History of American Toys by Andrew McClary.]